Local / Commercial Moves

In most cases, local moving takes place within a 50-mile radius of your current location. Many commercial moves are considered local moves and are subject to the same industry standards as local moves. The industry standard is to charge by hour, with the hourly rate based on the number of movers and the number of trucks required for the job. We calculate your hourly rate during our onsite estimate, and that makes it important for you to show us everything you plan to move.

Our estimates include the time it will take our teams to leave the garage, arrive at your home and finish the job. If packing is needed, we charge for that by the hour, and we charge for materials based on actual usage. We provide you with all costs and charges at the time of our estimate.

The estimator assumes:

  • There will be a big enough parking space available to comfortably load and unload all of your belongings.
  • You did not forget to mention any items or services you will need. This can include items you had in the basement which you forgot to mention or extra appliances you have decided to take.
  • You have packed all that you said you would at the time of the estimate.
  • If applicable, an elevator will be available that’s big enough to hold large furniture.

Remember to always make sure your moving company has been assigned a US DOT number and has proper insurance – and never, ever sign blank paperwork or documents. Standard moving insurance is included in the price of a local move, and you can buy additional on the day of the move BEFORE the move begins. Just let your team leader know you want to make the purchase.

All local moves are regulated by state departments or agencies. In Georgia, we are regulated by Georgia Department of Public Safety. For any question concerning local moves in the state of Georgia please visit DPS website.

On the DPS website, you’ll find our Maya Van Lines Reliability Report Card, which covers:

  • Frequent complaints or customer dissatisfaction.
  • Failure to bring a customer complaint to completion in a timely manner.
  • Customer service or customer courtesy issues.
  • Unauthorized fees, rate or charge assessment in excess of tariff allowance.
  • Failure to respond to DPS inquiry or failure to respond to PSC inquiry in a timely manner.
  • DPS audited records which show customer overcharges or non-compliance with the Commission's rules or tariff.

Based on information that the DPS has received or is aware of, Maya Van Lines has a SATISFACTORY RECORD, which means we do not have excessive or multiple problems related to any of those concerns.

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